O, speak 
of the dawning of awareness of the grander structure, of intricate 
interplays of insubstantial instances of iterative infinity extrapolated 
across a curling canvas of dripping, rippling reality.  O, speak to me 
of life.

This is not a test of the Pirate Broadcast System. This is not a test. Govern yourselves accordingly.

So basically, America is broken. It is a long string of events that have led to this state, but it is fact, nonetheless. We have no free and fair elections. We have the illusion of elections, but evidence in vote rigging software, voter registration purges, gerrymandering, and non-existent exit polls all conform to the true reality; that our votes simply do not count.

Growing up in America, attending public schools, I was sold the concept that everyone's vote counted equally, and that our entire system of government was predicated on the principle that the sum total of these votes of the citizens determined who would represent our collective affairs in the apparatus of government. What a bait and switch that has turned out to be. Instead, we get state level politicians buying vote rigging software from voting machine vendors. This led to, in 2000, among other things, -26000 votes for Al Gore in Volusia County, FL, which in turn led to almost 2 decades of very expensive war and the installation of an entrenched yet unwanted congress, while preventing the progress Gore would have made as an environmental president. This is not what I was sold in grade school, and not what the American people chose.

In 2016, I watched even closer. Let me sum it up for you: Hillary Clinton did not fairly win the Democratic primary. Hundreds of thousands were removed from the voting rolls. New York, I am looking right at you. Polling places in Sanders leaning areas were reduced. Significant statistical anomalies were obvious in a great many states, as I watched the polling percentages and totals come in real time. The marks in the data are so distinct that if one looks at the polling places reporting at the times there are spikes in the graphs, they will likely find corrupted voting machines, or other oddities. It is almost as if the people perpetrating the fraud did not understand the science of statistics. Needless to say, there are telltale signs when the "fix is in," and they are smeared all over that primary. I think we all know what would have happend in Sanders vs. Trump. Now look at what failed voting infrastructure has cost us. How many species? How many 10's of feet of sea level rise? How many human lives?

Sleekfreak: over 200,000,000 served, 100,000,000 kicked, 17 years and counting. For everyone who doubted, hated, naysayed, or dared to take a shot at knocking me down: Fuck you, I'm still standing!